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Even when things aren’t initially headed in your direction, we remain persistent in diligently pursuing the next available avenues for relief.

Going beyond industry norms, we take every opportunity to find an edge and see you prevail.

Payment Processor

Payment processors and acquiring banks are the engines behind businesses big and small and are often left holding the bag when things go south.

Transmedia is the industry leader in fighting for those left in the middle. Despite the inherent challenges, we have a proven track record of defending their rights and interests

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Transmedia is transparent.

Our clients are kept in the loop through continued direct communication and an uninterrupted stream of updates on our intuitive customer-friendly platform. Through real-time progress monitoring and custom reports of your choosing, we provide you with the oversight and communication you deserve throughout.

Gatekeepers you can trust

Protecting you from chargebacks includes ensuring that your data and information is fully secured throughout the process.

Transmedia goes well beyond industry requirements to ensure that your business is protected while we fight for what’s yours.

Your Business. Your Plan.

Whether you require a regular management plan or have been slapped with a particularly large chargeback and need support from our professional team, we work to serve you in the manner that serves your needs.

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At Transmedia, we don’t try to recover your funds. We fight to win and we have the record to prove it